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Hear what real Trivia Cat participants have to say!

Have you participated in a Trivia Cat live event or the Online Movie Trivia World Championship League and want to leave your own testimonial? You can submit your testimonial with this form.

screaming wilhelms image CIRCLE.jpg

Screaming Wilhelms

"Trivia Cat is always entertaining. Whether at a bar or online, Eric delivers trivia that is creative and challenging."

Sweet Lou

"I laughed, I cried, I fudged my undies."

K$ and the Dumb Broads CIRCLE.jpg


"The daily trivia is a fun lunch break activity. I cannot wait for the daily puzzles!!

This man has been doing trivia at local venues for years before the “pandemic” began. Now he can’t. He’s a loving, creative, and genuine guy. ❤️

For as little as $3 a month you can support one of ours, as well as play along!!

Please consider. :) ❤️U all"

Masters of Karate & Friendship

"Love the trivia! It’s allowed us to become world champions, or runner up world champions! Keep up the great work"

Beoufer McSnortypants CIRCLE.jpg


"Love the trivia!  We loved it in person and love it virtually.  Eric & Trivia Cat always provides stellar content and a great time."

Team Start (and Batman!)

"We started by going to the live trivia events almost a year ago and have been Trivia Cat addicts ever since! Eric always has the best, challenging, funniest content for all movie lovers! We appreciate that he has worked hard to continue to provide trivia during the pandemic. And the Trivia Cat regulars are the most welcoming crew! 10 out of 10! - would recommend!"

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