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Become a Trivia Cat Host!

Do you have an engaging and outgoing personality?

Do you feel comfortable navigating a crowd with a microphone?

Do you enjoy movies, music and pop culture?

Do you want to bring an entertaining brand of trivia near the area where you live?

Are you at least 21 year old?

Are you ready to make some new friends in your area?

Do you want to make some extra dough?

Do you own a reliable laptop computer that you are comfortable making presentations with?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you could be a Trivia Cat host!

Trivia Cat is looking for the right people to expand Trivia Cat Trivia to the right places!  If you are a cool person, then Trivia Cat will help you get established at one or more venues in your area.

Reasons to become a Trivia Cat host:

1.  You enjoy entertaining people (the best Trivia Cat hosts bring their own affable personality and style)

2.  You like crafting new friendships (trivia tends to draw regular groups of people)

3.  You want to make extra money (You'll make more per show with Trivia Cat than with the "other" trivia companies out there!)

Okay, you ready to do this?  Please tell us about you!

Trivia Cat Host Application
What nights are you available to host?
Are you at least 21 years old?

Thanks for submitting!

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