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Do you know what time it is?  It's movie trivia time!  Trivia Cat is teaming up with Harmony Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI to bring you Pop-Up Movie Trivia!


This will be a live movie trivia event streamed over Zoom and hosted by Trivia Cat!  Join us for a social gathering of entertaining visual movie trivia played over multiple rounds.  Top teams will earn gift cards to Harmony Brewing Company!

This event is by exclusive invitation only!

This exact date and time are a mystery!  Those that are registered will find out when and how to join!

To register for this event, you have to do two things!

  1.  ORDER:  Place a pick-up order at Harmony Hall between now and <date>  (only Harmony Hall or also Eastown location?)  (Minimum purchase???)  (Order a "Movie Trivia Special" ???).  Hey, thanks for supporting your local businesses!

  2.  REGISTER:  Using the unique code on your paper receipt (?) register for the Pop-Up Movie Trivia event!

That's it!  Once you are registered you will get all the details of the event emailed to you at least 3 days before the event!


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