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Trivia Cat proud to support local businesses!  The very same local bars, clubs, and restaurants that we support are part of the Trivia Cat community (live trivia needs a venue!).  The biggest way that you have helped Trivia Cat support local businesses is of course by attending our live trivia events at local businesses near you!  Thanks to you, Trivia Cat has been filling up venues since 2015!  In addition, Trivia Cat has also supported local businesses with service staff donations and through the purchasing and giving away of local gift cards as prizes for trivia events!

Thank you for supporting Trivia Cat and the local business community near you!

Trivia Cat continues to entertain you today because of your participation and support.  If you would like to support Trivia Cat with a Patreon pledge, visit  You will have access to hundreds of movie trivia puzzles, receive answer hints for live trivia events, and have the opportunity to compete online in trivia challenges.

If you'd like to make a donation, I will give you a shout-out on the Trivia Cat Facebook Page.

You may make a contribution with one of these methods:

Venmo:  @Trivia-Cat


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